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Founded by internationally renowned beauty expert Sharon Hilditch, MBE, in 1995, Crystal Clear quickly established itself as one of the leading professional anti-ageing skincare brands, supplying global celebrities, salons and customers alike with a specialist range of luxury skincare products and hi-tech treatments. Crystal Clear’s success has been built upon its commitment to the research and development of new and ground breaking products, as well as a passion for providing exceptional salon treatments that deliver outstanding results.

Crystal Clear was born out of Sharon’s desire to create a range of treatments and products that truly made a difference. So whether you suffer from acne, dry skin or simply need an extremely effective anti-ageing treatment or product, Crystal Clear has the answer. Everyone wants to see visible results and with Crystal Clear you get just that – a positive difference with skin that is healthier, firmer and glowing.

Renowned for its pioneering treatments and eponymous skin care range, Crystal Clear is the name behind the most requested facial in salons and spas alike – Microdermabrasion. This non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment was developed by Sharon Hilditch in 1995 and is the company’s signature treatment alongside Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy, the ultimate rejuvenation treatment for ageing skin.

Most recently the company has introduced their latest treatment, Crystal Clear Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen induction Therapy (COMCIT™) Elite. A world first, Crystal Clear COMCIT™ Elite combines four of the latest anti-ageing technologies, plus microdermabrasion, to stimulate new collagen production and radiance, significantly reduce lines and wrinkles, diminish pigmentation, reduce scars, pore size and stretch marks as well as rejuvenate skin texture and firmness.

For the ultimate home care skin system, Crystal Clear’s award winning high performance skincare products are clinically proven to offer effective solutions for all types of skincare concerns allowing everyone to enjoy younger, fresher looking skin, brighter eyes, toned body and silky smooth skin.

Using science based ingredients, peptides at high percentages and crushed precious stones, and formulated within a paraben-free preservative base, Crystal Clear skincare targets ageing and problematic skin on both the face and body with four results-focussed ranges:

Stay Young. Suitable for all skin types, Stay Young skincare collection is specially formulated with powerful anti-ageing ingredients to leave skin looking younger, firmer and revitalised. Includes Crystal Clear Wipe Away the Years Cleansing Milk; Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic; Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Ageing Serum; Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow; Crystal Clear Roll Away the Years Eye Serum; Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Serum; Crystal Clear Wrinkle Erase Eye Pads; Crystal Clear Face Lift in a Box; Crystal Clear Protect & Repair SPF40.

Stay Young also includes the most exciting anti-wrinkle device to enter the beauty market in decades. Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years wand has been designed to create skin that appears younger, firmer and more toned. In a recent study with 30 women, consumers reported a 27% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and a 45% increase in skin firmness.

Problem Solvers. This skincare collection is designed to cleanse, soothe and repair problematic, spot-prone skin. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, skin is left beautifully clear, refreshed and revived. Includes Crystal Clear Illuminate; Crystal Clear Crystal Polish; Crystal Clear Deep Cleanse Gel; Crystal Clear No Shine Serum.

Body Beautiful. Suitable for all skin types, Body Beautiful uses powerful anti-ageing ingredients to tackle cellulite and tone tired-looking or damaged skin. Includes Crystal Clear Crystal Body Polish; Crystal Clear Velvet Skin; Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex.

Professional. The Professional range of take-home skincare products has been specially formulated to complement salon treatments. Clinically proven to rejuvenate and promote healthy, vibrant skin, they produce outstanding results. Suitable for all skin types.