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Germaine de Capuccini is now in its 51st year, their laboratories, based in Alcoy, Spain are one of the most advanced in Europe. The range is available in over 85 countries, and all product information is printed in 13 languages.  All packaging has a Braille section for our partially sighted clients.
We are the distributors in the UK and work with spas, hotels and salons throughout the UK.  We have a wide range of treatments ranging from the most
advanced anti-ageing using the most powerful form of Epidermal Growth Factor and Hyaluronic Acid available in this industry, through to the most holistic of spa therapies using Obsidian Stones along with a variety of massage techniques from around the world.
We specialise in the anti-ageing market and offer a range of therapies that can cater for all of the ageing concerns (not a one size fits all as many other
companies provide).  This includes treatments that cater specifically for:

  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Lifting and Firming – filling out loss of facial volume
  • Devitalised Skin

We also offer an advanced range of cosmeceuticals, that include the EGF, along with intensive Glycolic Facial peels, but the formulations are such that the
ingredients which can cause reaction to sensitive skin are often encapsulated so that they work deep into the skin for many hours, such as Retinol and Glycolic Acids etc.

We also work in some of our high-end clinics with advanced equipment in conjunction with our products.

As we have a wide range of products and treatments, we work on a very bespoke basis with our spas and salons, helping to create a menu of treatments for them that exactly fits in with what they need.
All treatments commence with a relaxing ‘protocol’, and they are steeped with some very beautiful rituals, but they are very much results driven also – our
clients get the best of everything, relaxation and results.

Many skin care houses will be based on one area of therapy – such as marine or aromatherapy etc., – we cover all areas, but in the main our work is around plant and vitamins combined with biotechnology and always working with the most recent and up to date innovative ingredients.  We launch around 40 new products/treatments each year.

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