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Jean d’Estrées is in over 30 countries worldwide and, having been around for more than 70 years, has an incredible heritage. The founder, Monsieur
Jean d’Estrées was a famous makeup artist in Hollywood, working with such stars as Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor.

Despite being seen as a premium brand with major A-list celebrity following, we actually cater for all price points and markets from core salon treatments to high end spa treatments. We have both professional and retail products. From express discovery facials, all the way to the luxury Elixir d’Or facial (as seen in Sky Showbiz, Hello Magazine, Zest, etc) containing gold and crushed pearls. We have products at all price points and with some very unique features and textures. Some examples of our range are:

  • Prevention cranberry mask facial – very popular with tired and stressed -30 to 40 age groups featuring an ultra vitamin wakeup
  • Reparation – attenuates the sign of ageing to recover a smooth and firmer skin
  • Total Youth – a universal treatment inspired by stem cell technology to rejuvenate the skin
  • 3D-Rides – a high performance pampering facial reducing wrinkles based on caviar
  • Elixir d’Or – a luxury pampering facial containing real gold and pearls for anti-ageing
  • Soin d’Exception – the ‘top of the range’ anti-ageing treatment containing mother of pearl proteins and stem cells from the argon tree
  • Our core facial: Synergessence – custom made treatment to treat individual skin care concerns with the application of a ‘double layer mask’ massaged with spatulas
  • And several more

Jean d’Estrees also has 2 further sub ranges (Natural and Cosmeceutical):

  • So Nature which has products derived from 100% natural active ingredients and is paraben free
  • ISD (Innovation Scientifique Dermocosmetique) is the Dermo-cosmetic range regarded as being ‘the last alternative to plastic surgery’ as seen in Cosmetics International.

Some of our best sellers in terms of retail include our new exciting product, CC Cream, was such a success that we sold out pre launch. This amazing product has Encapsulated Pigments. These release on contact with the skin and adapt to the skins own natural colouration, so there is just one product which adapts to all skin colours and contains the highest SPF 50.