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Who are OPI?

OPI is a company like no other.
From our eclectic company culture to the loyalty of our consumers and beauty professionals that rely on our products, OPI is a company that people
feel passionately about.

Brand history…

Since its emergence in 1983 as a small dental products supplier with the name Odontorium Products Inc., the company we now know as OPI has grown into a global standard-bearer in the world of fashion, a trend-setter in the world of color and a way for millions of women to feel beautiful and glamorous every day.
Throughout the decades, OPI has grown alongside its customers, gaining significance and becoming part of the culture itself by influencing tastes and making waves.

What is our brand ethos?

OPI continues to keep nail professionals and their clients at the forefront of innovation with an entire range of state of- the-art quality products for hands, feet, and nails. OPI has been granted more than 30 patents for its innovative product ideas which means that many OPI products are exclusive to the range.
Dedicated to the professional beauty industry, beauty professionals and consumers, OPI is committed to consistently offering products of exceptional quality; to
continuing to set standards and trends; and to delivering the beautiful results that the world has come to expect from the leader in professional nail care.

Tell us about the quality?

From its inception, OPI broke through nail industry barriers. Schaeffer was one of the first in the nail industry to focus on and limit sales of product to and through beauty professionals only, and who realized the importance of education in both the sale and use of the product. From the very beginning, OPI has shown its commitment to quality by putting batch numbers, instructions and ingredients on all of the products it sells. OPI has a dedicated team of scientists who ensure product quality and safety, and bring the latest technology and advances to its product offerings.

OPI also takes a lead within the Professional Beauty Industry in raising the standards by which the industry operates. OPI is active in numerous industry
associations whose aim is to ensure that consumer safety is always preserved, through products and services which are developed to meet and exceed safety
standards. The company works closely with federal, state, local, and international agencies and scientists for the same purpose.

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