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Ageing may be inevitable…but it can be beautiful.
After decades of scientific research and numerous breakthroughs, you can grow old gracefully with the help of SkinMedica®. This physician-led skincare range provides outstanding results for all skin types and concerns.
SkinMedica® is dedicated to rejuvenating and revitalising skin using clinically proven scientific formulas backed by the medical profession and the cosmetic industry alike. These advanced, effective products are a testimony to SkinMedica®’s commitment in creating lifelong skincare solutions for healthier-looking skin.
With a patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants, matrix proteins and various vitamins and minerals, you are guaranteed to experience glowing, youthful skin.

The SkinMedica® difference

SkinMedica® is beautifully presented in sleek, sophisticated packaging, but the product inside is even more remarkable. Whether you are conscious about premature ageing, suffer with acne or simply wish to revitalise your skin, this range of products will greatly improve both the health and overall look of your complexion.
No matter what your skin type, you could benefit from including SkinMedica® into your daily skincare regimen. There are many products available specifically designed to target your individual needs and requirements, all scientifically backed and approved by physicians.
All of the products in the range are easy to use and gentle on the face. Although guided by science, the ingredients used will perfect your natural beauty by smoothing the texture and eradicating uneven tones.

What Skin Types Can Be Treated With the SkinMedica® Range?

Our skin is affected by genetics, environment, diet, exercise and a whole host of other factors that can impact negatively on our overall health and appearance. Because our skins undergo different experiences, they require different treatments.
SkinMedica® research extensively into a number of skin conditions in order to provide reliable, effective solutions. There are a wide range of SkinMedica® products available to help improve the following skin types:
• Acne-Prone Skin
• Dry Skin
• Normal to Dry Skin
• Normal to Oily Skin
If you are unsure about your skin type, you may want to speak to a dermatologist or aesthetician.

Help SkinMedica® Fight Cancer

Over the last thirty years the number of people diagnosed with skin cancer has risen faster than any other type of cancer in the UK. Fortunately this figure could be lowered significantly if more of us were to protect ourselves daily from the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.
SkinMedica® are passionate about sun protection, which is why they endeavour to protect, prevent and educate their customers on the risks of skin cancer.
SkinMedica® have an advanced sun protection range that helps prevent sun damage. This includes:
• Daily Physical Defence®
• TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturiser + SPF 20
• Environmental Defence Sunscreen™ SPF 50+ with UV ProPlex™
• Vitamin C+E Complex