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Thalgo is the original professional marine health and beauty brand and the originator of the marine spa trend. Based in the South of France, Thalgo has over 50 years of expertise in drawing on the riches of the sea to develop highly effective skincare products, nutritional supplements and exceptional professional beauty treatments for positive well-being.

Thalgo was founded back in 1964 by a French pharmacist conducting research into utilising marine algae to treat medical and cosmetic concerns. The name “Thalgo” is an amalgamation of “thalassotherapy” and “algae” and was first registered in 1968

Thalgo has its origins in thalassotherapy: the treatment of the body using seawater. It is considered to be so beneficial and effective that it was until recently prescribed by doctors in France as a medical “cure”. Initially, thalassotherapy used crushed or pulverised seaweeds, which were then made into poultices, in its therapies.

There are 25,000 different species of algae. Thalgo uses several different types of algae in its product ranges, which contain high proportions of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and are known for their detoxifying, healing and rebalancing properties. Today, Thalgo has the widest range of marine-based treatments, skincare and supplements to meet any skin or beauty concern, whether it is detox, firming, anti-ageing, rebalancing, purifying, weight-loss or simple relaxation.

Our ANTI-AGEING range features Collagen, Hyaluronic and Silicium ingredients and has received rave reviews (winning best Anti-ageing line in Asia). EXCEPTION ULTIME, the ultimate in anti-ageing skincare technology, features a highly effective facial ritual and a range of luxuriously nourishing homecare products. We also offer luxurious SPA RITUALS including INDOCEANE, based on a Far Eastern journey across four exotic destinations. Other rituals include POLYNESIA, SEA & SENSES HOT STONES and AROMACEANE massage.

Our latest launch is the Thalgo iBeauty facial treatment device which uses latest-generation technology: sound-vibration, ultrasound and radio frequency. It has three short programmed treatments of 30-45 minutes which cover purifying, hydrating and anti-ageing and the device can also be used as part of any Thalgo facial to enhance efficiency and results.

Thalgo is currently available in over 500 outlets in the UK, including St David’s Spa, Stoke Park Hotel, Spa and Country Club, The Chuan Spa at The Langham, London, and Harrods Urban Retreat. Worldwide, Thalgo is available in over 500 resort spas and thalassotherapy centres and in 20,000 beauty salons in 90 countries.

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