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Valmont History

Since 1985, Valmont cosmetics’ mission has been to offer amazingly effective high-performance anti-aging treatments. A true anti-aging expert, for 30 years Valmont has been perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics – the legacy of the famous Valmont Clinic – with treatments that offer instant and lasting results of unparalleled quality. Switzerland’s pure and protected environment is the cradle of these cosmetics, their exceptional qualities are derived from a subtle alliance between Alpine ingredients and cutting-edge scientific expertise. Highly exclusive, the Valmont brand is like no other, displaying a uniqueness worthy of its charismatic owners Didier and Sophie Guillon, both driven by a passion for beauty and cosmetics. Through Valmont, they strive to open the door to an ultimate dream with singularly Swiss effectiveness.

The purity of nature combined with the power of Science

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, Valmont gathers ingredients imbued with exceptional properties, selected for their beautifying effects on the skin. Water from ancient glaciers joins with plant extracts from the Valmont conservatory – the phyto-alpine garden – to nurture the skin’s every layer with the finest innovations of Magicien du Temps.

The secret of youth lies within the cells

True to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont delved into the very nucleus of the skin’s cells to find molecules with peerless anti-aging properties: DNA and RNA.Thanks to a unique and exclusive extraction process, Valmont harvests macro-molecules intact, thus preserving their incomparable regenerative power.Featured in Valmont’s beauty treatments, this dynamic duo strengthens and stimulates cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, revealing sublime and youthfully radiant skin. Valmont is the perfect ally for any man or woman looking to master the signs of time, reconnect with their skin or simply enjoy looking in the mirror.

Valmont, the Magicien du Temps, offers a comprehensive range of treatments with a flair for blending refinement and unsurpassed anti-aging effectiveness. Valmont has created beauty rituals and intensive treatment programs for every need, to counter the effects of time on the face, body and even the hair.

Since its creation, Valmont has been applying all its anti-aging savoir-faire with professional treatments that combine expertise, product performance and precise motions. Through unique and exclusive protocols, Valmont treatments stand out thanks to the “Butterfly motion” that characterizes the technique. Much more than a traditional beauty procedure, Valmont treatments are fashioned as symphonic variations. The rhythm of the motions is at once disconcerting and captivating, bringing opposites into harmony. Clients feel both relaxed and reinvigorated, their skin simultaneously calmed and awakened.Each beauty ritual features its own iconic treatment, with a name inspired by the brand’s Swiss legacy. Vitality of the Glaciers, Peaks of Firmness, Source of Bisses… Embark on a maiden voyage to the heart of Valmont’s homeland.