A spa day is the perfect medicine....

It’s that time of the year when everyone gets ill and I was no exception. Coughing, the chills and every part of my body aching. It was safe to say I needed some me time and to my great relief my day at The Chuan Spa was here.

The Chuan Spa is located in the famous and very beautiful 5-star hotel, The Langham. As I walked through the beautiful entrance I was greeted by a receptionist with a contagious smile and I was beginning to feel my self-pitying mood melt away as she showed me around.

The Chuan Spa’s value is that of traditional Chinese medicine. So the décor is, of course, Chinese and is simply breath taking. On the ground floor you will find the reception, treatment rooms and behind a cocoon of elegant room screens you will find the relaxation area for pre and post treatments.

Downstairs is the spa area, changing rooms and fully equipped gym. Part of me thought perhaps I should have brought my workout clothes and then I remembered that I am not feeling well and it would be selfish of me to workout when I feel so ill.

Inside my locker was a robe, slippers and other items such as a cotton pads and a mini loofah. How lovely! I slipped into my swim suit and headed to the spa. I spent my time between the pool, salt cave, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. Refreshments and fresh fruit are also available. Chuan Spa has to be the best medicine, as I was feeling human again.

I made my way to the relaxation area for my treatment with Gosia. I was having the Illuminating Facial by Thalgo. Founded back in 1964 in France, Thalgo is a marine based brand that contains “high proportions of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and are known for their detoxifying, healing and rebalancing properties.” I think this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Gosia took me through to the treatment room which was absolutely stunning. She explained what was involved in the treatment, the Thalgo brand philosophy, and before leaving the room while I got on the bed, she asked if I wanted water.

Thalgo treatments are very unique indeed, as the techniques used throughout actually make you feel like you are by the sea. The soft strokes reminded me of the gentle ocean breeze and the way the therapist used their hands actually sounded like the evening waves stroking the sand. I don’t know how they do it, but it was a complete experience that I haven’t found with another brand.

My mind drifted off and I pictured myself laying on an empty beach. Pink red sky with the sun on the edge of the horizon and not a care in the world. A welcome massage, cleanse, exfoliation, mask and serums, all combined to leave my skin soft like silk. Glowingly bright and just gorgeous!

As the treatment came to an end, Gosia put my slippers on my feet and told me to relax while she prepared my tea. I was so relaxed, that I had to tell myself to open my eyes and move. When I opened my eyes I was reminded of how stunning the treatment room was. I thought that perhaps I could live here and they wouldn’t notice? No such luck as Gosia returned to take me back to the relaxation area, where a little pot of herbal tea and a bowl of fresh fruit awaited. What a perfect ending.

As with all good things, sadly my time time at the Chuan Spa came to an end. The sheer elegance, beautiful surroundings, unique extras, outstanding therapists and use of one of the best brands… This is somewhere I will be coming back to. No shadow of a doubt.

I left the spa feeling like my mind, body and soul had been cleansed. No flu here, just Chuan Spa, topped with Thalgo!

Chuan Spa London Tel: 0207 973 7550 Web: 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA


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