Back to reality...

So it’s all over… Christmas, new year and the lovely long break when you don’t know what day it is...

Now I don’t know about you but I ate my bodyweight in chocolate, cheese, crackers, candy canes and anything or everything I could get my hands. Boy am I regretting it now, as I feel like an unhealthy oversized stuffed turkey – with all the trimmings!

The fitter members of the Pamper Pages team, have been hitting the gym since New Years day, whereas I was recovering from my hangover and regretting having that bottle of champagne to myself.

I didn’t want to do the typical “New Year, New Me” thing but, although I hate to say it, I think it is needed. Especially if I want to keep up with the fitter fresh faced members of the team.

Here in Pamper Pages offices we hear all about the latest treatments, lotions and potions that will enhance your beauty, or in my case help you feel human again. So with great delight I scrolled through Pamper Pages to see who could help me in my quest for normality, and the ability to squeeze back into my jeans. EF Medispa! Perfect!

EF Medispa launched in 2006 and were one of the first medispas in the country. They have clinics dotted around London. They have everything you could need to kick start the “new you”. From fat transfers, liposuction, skin firming, cellulite treatments, stretchmark reduction, nutrition and even bespoke facials.

Some of EF Medispa’s most popular and recommended treatments for this time of the year are –

IV Vitamin Drips at The Drip & Chill Lounge: This is a celebrity favourite and is recommended if you are feeling tired, run-down or just need a pick me up. The treatment co-ordinator will discuss exactly what you need prior to the treatment and make up a bespoke blend of vitamins and nutrients to suit your requirements. This is on my list!

Cellulite & Fat Reduction Treatments: Cellulite is sadly something women get regardless of how slim or fit they are. EF Medispa have many different treatments that can shift the dreaded orange peel or help reduce the over indulgence bulge!

You can book a consultation to discuss your many options but to name a few:

Lipotripsy: tackles cellulite in 30-60-minute procedure times (perfect lunch break treatment)

Multisculpt: significantly improves cellulite and reduces fat at the same time!

Radiofrequency: fat reduction, body-sculpting and toning (yes please!)

Mesotherapy: tiny painless injections that gives the lower layers of the skin vitamin shots. I have had this on my face and I would highly recommend it.

Nutrition & Colonics: With diets on most people’s mind, it’s hard to know what is best for you and, most importantly, the safest. Again, EF Medispa can help. Well Woman Diet, Detox Diet, Youth Boost Diet and Nutrition, with a completely bespoke diet plan. Colonics are something that as soon as someone knows you have had it they want to know more. Well me and one of my team have had it. I lost 3 pound and the other Pamperette lost 8! I think it is safe to say that after reading just some on my options, I will be heading to my nearest clinic in Kensington to have my consultation and maybe hit the January sales to get some clothes for the new me!

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