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A week or so ago I attended the Skin Lab launch at Beyond Medispa in Harvey Nichols, London. Established in 2006, Beyond Medispa, have four locations across the UK; London, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh. Offering the worlds most advanced face and body treatments, that are all performed by some of the best, most qualified doctors and aestheticians the UK has to offer.

Harvey Nichols is one of my favourite department stores and I have to admit that it was a little difficult to make my way up to the 4thfloor and not getting tempted by luxurious brands, as well as avoiding eye contact with the beauty counter staff. But I powered through and was greeted by the delightful Amy who was helping to coordinate the evening. Events are always a great opportunity to meet the team, get more education on the brands and experience a few mini treatments. If you’re interested in attending any future events, make sure you follow Beyond Medispa’s social media pages; links at the bottom of this blog.

Our team are huge fans of the brand Thalgo and we knew that their UK team would also be at the event, as Beyond Medispa is their central London flagship store. Thalgo’s marketing manager Judith and I have been exchanging emails since the early days of Pamper Pages; so it was nice to finally put a face to the name. Representing the brand perfectly, Judith was everything I expected; beautifully elegant and extremely friendly. Led by science and marine research, Thalgo is taking the world by storm with over 20,000 global locations. Judith and I discussed their huge range of skincare products for all ages, body treatments and nutritional supplements. I love everything about the award-winning Thalgo, from the results on your skin, to the packaging and the gorgeous smell all the products have. Thalgo’s social media pages are bursting with news, their latest products and so much more; give them a follow (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Lost in conversation with Judith, Amy had to whisk me off to a beautiful treatment room for my first mini treatment; Hydrafacial. My therapist was Aga; a ray of sunshine who has been with Beyond Medispa for almost a decade. Using patented technology, Hydrafacial cleanses, extracts and hydrates the skin like no other. My pores were slightly clogged, my skin was thirsty and I had a few pimples; so this was the exact treatment I needed to tackle all three. The suction is like a tiny vacuum removing excess oil, dirt and dry skin but replacing it will a gentle burst of super serums that leave your skin looking positively flawless.

My next session was a nutrition consultation with the highly experienced and sought-after Sarah Carolides from Vitality Wise. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I was a little nervous. I’ve never smoked, very rarely drink alcohol and most of my meals are cooked from scratch, however, I will cook a feast – every night! I am also a self-confessed sugar addict; I just love the stuff and I don’t eat during the day. Sarah was so easy to talk to and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in the slightest. I was given some very useful tips and can already feel my relationship with food and sugar obsession changing; which was surprising as I only spent 20 minutes with Sarah but will be visiting her again for a more in-depth session in the coming months.

As I waited for my next treatment, I had a wander around the medispa and it is huge! I was introduced to Erinn, the General Manager and it had been a couple of years since our first email conversation. Erinn has an exceptional CV of working in the best venues across the country; she is the cream of the crop and an absolute firecracker who knows her stuff. This reaffirmed that Beyond Medispa really does have the best.

Up next was a mini podiatry consultation with the lovely Simone from Flawless Feet. I’m pretty proud of my feet; slim and high arched but unknown to me, this foot shape has its disadvantages. Pressure points are a common thing with high arched feet and if not cared for correctly, your feet can develop painful callus’. Also discovered during the consultation was a cyst on my ankle bone; quite common in women aged between 20-40 years old. Although medium-sized, the cyst is surprisingly painless and I just thought I had a weirdly shaped ankle. I was told to keep an eye on it and if it should become painful or larger, I would have to go back. Simone removed the little bit of hard skin on my soles and made my feet feel like silk; so much so, they were sliding in my shoes - thankfully I wore flats - no one wants to see me fall on my bum (like a previous event)! Flawless Feet treat all types of issues and for this month only they have a 50% discount off their medical pedicure treatment, so don’t miss out before the offer ends.

My final treatment for the evening was Intuitive Healing with the famous Kristin Ta`ylor; angel expert, master healer and author of “A Practical Guide to Ascension with Archangel Metatron”. At the start of my own personal spiritual journey but new to healing, I was really excited to see what the treatment entailed. Taking me through to a peaceful room, I sat down as Kristin explained what the treatment was about and any issues I wanted to address. Kristin took me on a spiritual path that guided me through different milestones in my life that could have created the issues. As the session came to an end I felt completely empowered and ready for the world. The only word I could use to express my emotion would be euphoric. I am going to be seeing Kristin again and will be doing another blog about the session in more depth. I also have a copy of Kristin's book and will be mentioning that in my following blog; keep your eyes peeled for that.

Everyone who attended the event received a goodie bag which was full of the most exciting skincare products from a few brands that I have never tried before. I’m going to do a review on each product on our social media pages.

As I left Beyond Medispa I felt completely recharged, exhilarated, glowing from top to toe and lucky to have met some of the loveliest of people in the industry.

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