Delarom Skincare Product Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Some love shoes, some love make up; I love skincare! Everything from the results, to the packaging, the smell and of course how confident it makes you feel. Gone are the days when you popped a couple of slices of cucumber on your eyes, a mud mask from your local chemist and hoped for the best. Now there are lotions and potions for everything and that’s one of the reasons why I love it.

I had a parcel on route and I was like an excited child standing at the window waiting for the postman. Opening the lovely vibrant yellow box from Skin Foria sat three Delarom Skincare products in beautiful coral coloured boxes; Delight Rich Cream, Hydrating Balancing Aroma Face Oil and Pure Freshness Toner. All products can be purchased from Beyond Medispa or Skin Foria.

Delarom is a French skincare brand created by the same family that brought us Decleor and Darphin. “This unique line of products for the face and body effectively meets individual needs”. All products are dermatologically tested and free from the bad stuff like silicon, parabens, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol and animal origin ingredients. Delarom have a huge range of skincare products for different skin types and requirements, they also have products for the body, self tanning and even frangrances too. This was the first time I was using Delerom products and after a few days of seeing how my skin adjusted to the change, I couldn’t wait to bring you my verdict…

Delight Rich Cream The delicious smell of peaches with a rich and thick texture; meaning a little will go a long way. Delight Rich Cream is perfect for the face, neck and body. It’s ideal for dry to very dry skin and the ultimate barrier to protect the skin in the most extreme weather. Like most, I get the usual dry areas; hands, elbows, knees and ankles. But as soon as the colder weather hits I get random dryness on the tip on my nose, chin, forearms and the bottom on my back. After showering I only needed a small amount for my whole body. As the rich creaminess melted onto my skin, I could feel the tight dryness instantly hydrate and sooth. After just a couple of uses, the drypoints disappeared and made my skin feel like silk. If you’re like me and suffer for dryness, this is the cream for you and it will last you ages.

Hydrating Balancing Aroma Face Oil Using a cocktail of 100% essential oils, this the perfect product for anyone who needs to hydrate and rebalance. My facial skin is normal to dry but swaying to the dry side during the colder months; because of this I have to make sure my face is protected against the elements. Only a few drops are needed for my whole face and in the evening I like to spend a little extra time appliying the oil. After cleansing I like to close your eyes, taking in few deep breaths and the calming aroma helps me to relax and melt the day away. I then spend a few minutes doing a facial massage to really work the oil into your skin; if you aren't too confident with massaging, then purchase a facial roller. Unlike other facial oils, this one has no greasy feeling as the oil absorbs into the skin completely; yet still keeps the skin looking hydrated and nourished.

Pure Freshness Toner Deliciously smelling alcohol-free toner made with refreshing cucumber and Aloe Vera. I will hold my hands up and say that toner hasn’t been something I have paid too much attention to – until now! I love the stuff and can’t believe it hasn’t been part of my skincare regime. After cleansing, I use a cotton wool pad to apply the toner. Like an invisible veil protecting the clean beautiful skin beneath and outwardly looking fresh, soft and hydrated. I’ve noticed that since using the pure freshness toner the natural contours of my face are highlighted and I’ve barely worn makeup.

All the Delarom products above do exactly what they say they will and I am most definitely a new fan. To get more infomation on the whole range, contact our lovely friends at Beyond Medispa...

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