Dermapen Treatment at Mayfair Aesthetics

Mayfair Aesthetics have come a long way since opening their first clinic back in 2016. Building their empire across London, they now have four clinics; Angel, Pimlico, Moorgate and most recently Hammersmith - where I was heading to for a treatment that I have never had before… Dermapen The award-winning treatment is a celebrity favourite and targets a number of skin issues such as stretch marks, acne scarring, skin tightening, sun damage, helps with skin rejuvenation and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In the two weeks prior to the treatment, I have to avoid sun exposure or self-tanning products. Five days prior, I wasn’t to use anything containing retinol, AHA or BHA on the area I wanted to be treated. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle and only a 5-minute walk from Hammersmith Broadway, the clinic is nestled between a few eateries’, which is perfect if you wish to have a bite to eat after your treatment. I was greeted by Matthew, the Managing Director. It’s always a delight to see him; a friendly, bubbly personality, beautifully glowing skin, immaculately dressed and sun-kissed from his recent trip to the Caribbean. He gave me a tour of the pristine clinic, which is shared with a high tech orthodontist. He showed me to the crisp white treatment room and introduced me to my lovely skin specialist, Ewelina. After discussing my skin concerns of dullness, dark circles and a little sun damage across my cheeks, Ewelina explained in great detail what the treatment involved. I had done some earlier research and saw some pretty dramatic pictures of bloodied faces. Ewelina reassured me that there would be some tenderness and redness after but the blood only really happens when 1) there is acne scarring as the Dermapen has to go a little deeper into the skin. 2) if there is overlapping of the same area and that’s something she doesn’t do as it’s far too abrasive. To prep my skin, the treatment started with a cleanse, followed by a scrub. To avoid any discomfort during the treatment, a mist of skin disinfectant spray was applied to numb my face. A cocktail of serums; B5, zinc and hyaluronic acid were smoothed over my face and neck and these would penetrate my skin during the Dermapen treatment. Using the small handheld tool, similar to a pen, Ewelina started on my forehead. There was absolutely no pain and felt like delicate, somewhat ticklish vibration that made me sneeze a couple of times. Working across my face and down my neck, I could feel my skin soaking in the enriched serums; making my skin feel hydrated, younger and dull-free. You will see from the pictures on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) that I did go red but that was perfectly normal and later disappeared. The treatment was finished off with a refreshingly smelling cloth that cooled my face, followed by a sheet mask that was soaked in hyaluronic acid. A tinted SPF was applied and that is specially formulated to cover any redness occurred during the Dermapen treatment. Upon leaving the clinic I stopped to admire myself in the mirror, glowing, dewy, hydrated and no redness was visible. Within a few hours, there was almost no redness on my face and just a little on my neck (this can vary from person to person). I was told to avoid make up for 24 hours and two days later I still haven’t worn any because there is nothing to cover. To see the best results with Dermapen, a course is recommended and I will be returning next month for my second treatment, so keep an eye on our social media for pictures on my “Dermapen Journey”. The multi-award-winning Mayfair Aesthetics always go above and beyond to bring each client a personalised, outstanding service. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the Dermapen or the other exceptional treatments they do. You have to try this treatment, as I can’t recommend it enough… To Book or more info: 0207 354 4000 **Don’t forget to mention Pamper Pages when booking** View Mayfair Aesthetics social media pages: Like on Facebook - Click here Follow on Twitter - Click here Follow on Instagram - Click here


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