Dermapen Treatment at Mayfair Aesthetics Part Two

I don’t know about you but as soon as the season changes my skin goes crazy! Sometimes I’ll have a breakout of a few spots, dryness or dullness; this season, it was all three!! Adding to the skin-craziness, I had menstrual skin and I also recently changed my skincare regime which, like most skin, needed time to adjust. My second Dermapen treatment at Mayfair Aesthetics couldn’t have come at a better time (click here to read my first Dermapen treatment blog).

Dermapen has unbelievably fast results and is my favourite skin treatment. The only side effect from my first treatment was beautiful skin. I noticed my fine lines had faded and my little bit of sun damage was almost gone. I couldn’t believe the results from just one treatment and I’ve been telling everyone about Dermapen and that they just have to try it!

My second appointment was at the Pimlico clinic. All Mayfair Aesthetics clinics are in the best, most easily accessible locations, so it only took me a short 40 minutes from Twickenham.

Sharing their clinic with Pimlico Physiotherapy, this is the ideal spot to get your both your skin and body seen-to all under one roof. I was greeted by the lovely receptionist, Michael, who, in true Mayfair Aesthetics style, had a friendly infectious smile and glowing skin.

Looking radiant from her recent holiday, Ewelina, who did my first Dermapen treatment was also doing my second treatment. It was good to see a familiar face and someone who knows my skin. I explained my issues and that it was really messing with my confidence, Ewelina quickly made me feel relaxed and reassured me that all will get sorted.

Much like the first treatment my face was cleansed, followed by a scrub; which I noticed was very delicate so my skin didn’t get aggravated. It was great and very refreshing that Ewelina adjusted the treatment to cater to the changes in my skin. The cocktail of serums had to be applied twice as my skin just soaked them up like a dry sponge. As soon as the Dermapen started up and the magic began, I could instantly feel my skin smile. I was expecting my skin to be a bit more reactive but unlike my first treatment, there was barely any redness and not sensitive at all. The hyaluronic acid sheet mask was like the icing on the cake and I was in heaven as the treatment came to an end.

I walked into Mayfair Aesthetics feeling gloomy with SOS skin but I strutted out the clinic with my confidence boosted and healthy hydrated beautifully glowing skin!

Make sure you visit our Instagram page to see a photo diary of the first and second treatment. To Book or more info: 0207 354 4000 **Don’t forget to mention Pamper Pages when booking** View Mayfair Aesthetics social media pages: Like on Facebook - Click here Follow on Twitter - Click here Follow on Instagram - Click here

Did you know?

Mayfair Aesthetics offer a huge range of treatments and are multi award winning for their laser hair removal treatment.


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