DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial at Skin Aspirations

I absolutely love London during Spring season, the leafy streets begin to fill with colour as the trees start to bloom, the days get a little longer and a cheerful happy atmosphere fills the air. With a ‘spring’ in my step I was heading to Chelsea’s newest skin studio, Skin Aspirations to have the DMK enzyme therapy facial.

Making the short walk from the train station, I couldn’t help but admire the stunning architecture and remembering just how much I love this neighbourhood. I have many fond memories of Chelsea, as a child I went to school here and as an adult I have had countless shopping trips, one too many cocktails in the bars and eaten in the most delicious restaurants dotted around this elegant area.

Only a short time ago Skin Aspirations opened their doors. Offering high-end skin treatments from brands such as DMK Skincare, Innopen Skin Needling and Dermaviduals.

The studio is located within a townhouse that is also home to a few other businesses. With a discreet entrance between a row of luxury shops and up a beautifully decorated staircase, sits the studio. As I made my way to the second floor I was greeted by Simona, Skin Aspirations’ founder. With perfect flawless skin and striking features, Simona welcomed me in. Natural sunlight filled the room and I was pleasantly surprised with how large but cosy the studio was.

With her impressive career history of working in clinics in Harley Street and in the City, Simona decided to make the big step and open her own. Simona believes that “Skin Aspirations will make a huge difference in your skin health and appearance just by choosing customised and correct skin care”. Simona’s genuine personality and extreme passion for the industry, has created a very comfortable but results driven environment.

I was pretty excited as this was the first time I was having an enzyme therapy facial and also new to the DMK Skincare range. The enzyme facial helps to improve circulation, promote collagen, lymphatic drainage and improving the skin on the face, neck and décolletage.

Founded over 40 years ago, DMK is a US brand with a philosophy of “remove, rebuild, protect and maintain” and aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy.

Simona started by applying the cleanser with a brush and immediately I knew this facial was going to be very different from any I had before. Gently blending the cleanser over my face and then removing with hot towels. Simona applied a gentle exfoliator, then covered my face with cling film, followed by hot towels and leaving for about 7 minutes.

A few drops were gently massaged on to my skin and then a highly concentrated vitamin c powder, that was so fine I was almost scared to breathe in fear of blowing it away. The enzyme mask was ready to be applied and again with a gentle brush. Simona explained that the mask’s active ingredients would stimulate my blood flow and in order to achieve this, the mask would have to be on for 45 minutes. Simona also told me that as the mask dried I may feel tingling or itching.

Being very facially expressive and a bit of a chatter box, I thought the 45 minutes would drag but 20 minutes in and I was enjoying the me and my thoughts time. As the active ingredients worked together I could feel my blood pulsating across my face, neck and décolletage, a key sign that the treatment was working. As I laid there thinking about the inability to move and wondered if this is what Botox feels like, I drifted off and woke to Simona’s gentle voice saying that it was time to remove the mask.

Cleanser and hot towels were used to remove the mask and my skin began to feel reborn. I used the back of my hand to touch my face and I couldn’t help but say WOW! Feeling like baby skin and the softest I have ever felt it, I couldn’t help but touch it. The treatment promotes the rush of oxygenated blood to the skin, so my capillaries were visible across my face and neck. This quickly disappears, so no need to worry about looking strange when leaving.

Finishing off the treatment with hydration serum, then vitamin c powder and topped with a with a herb and mineral mist. An SPF was then applied and again followed by the mist.

As I sat up from this unique but fantastic treatment, I looked in the mirror in amazement and of course had to touch my face again. It was so soft, bright, fresh and plump.

Simona said that a lot of clients notice the benefits after 24 hours and I thought really, there’s more to come?! And true to form 24 hours later, my skin was looking even better than it did when I left the studio. Receiving many complements on how beautiful my skin looked and my three-word reply to them was “Skin Aspirations Chelsea”.

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