First Time Spa-Goer Tips

Visiting a spa for the first time is exciting, yet a little nerve-racking experience. What should you take? What should you wear? What should you do?

My first visit to a spa was a little embarrassing; I didn’t take my swimwear! I went to the main hotel for lunch (in my robe!)! And I almost missed my treatment!

Don't worry, we have you covered on do's and don'ts! So the only thing that should be on your mind is RELAXATION!

What to take with you...

Most spas will provide you with a robe, slippers and towels. Some spa-goers take flip-flops for the wet areas but I am always happy to wear the slippers provided.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash is always provided but if you have coloured hair or prefer a certain brand, then take some with you.

Swimwear is a must, do not forget the swimwear! I know what you may be thinking and no spas are not full of men and women with perfect bodies. There are men and women of all shapes and sizes, so please don’t be self-conscious about having to get into your swimsuit; especially if it’s been a while.

There are always lots of magazines and sometimes books around the pool or relaxation areas. If you wear reading glasses, don't forget them.

Hairbands are a must as you will be spending lots of time in the thermal and wet areas.

Personally, I'm not a fan of using the gym facilities, as I prefer to relax when at a spa, but if you wish you are more than welcome to use the equipment and take part in any classes they may have.

On arrival

Most spa days start at around 9 or 10am depending on what package you are going for. Make sure you check the exact time on your confirmation and I would suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to this, as it will give you enough time to fill out the forms and be shown around. When filling out the forms take your time and make sure all the details are correct. Especially the health questions, as certain treatments may have to be adjusted depending on your answers.

A member of staff will show you around. Make sure you pay attention as nobody wants to get lost in their robe!

Some basic questions to ask while being shown are:

• Where should I wait for my treatment?

• Can I have my lunch in my robe? (If lunch isn’t included in your package, you can have this added).

• Water is always provided for guests but I would suggest asking if refreshments included. Some spas provide fruit juices, herbal tea's and coffee but just make sure they are included, as you don't want a bill at the end of the day.

Nowadays, most of us will share our spa day on social media. It’s the perfect opportunity to boast about your much-needed #relaxation. I would suggest doing this before getting into the changing rooms and then switching off your phone. You can't take your phone into the spa area and your fellow spa-goers might not feel comfortable if you pull out your phone in the changing room to take a selfie.

Spa & Thermal area

Make sure you have a shower before entering the spa area. If there is a towel draped over a lounger that generally means it’s taken, but if there is a neat towel at the bottom or nothing at all, then that means it’s free.

Keep an eye on the time and make sure you’re not late for your treatments. If you enter the wet areas, such as the pool or Jacuzzi, my advice would be to get out 15 minutes before you have to go for your treatments. This will give you enough time to dry off and make your treatment more comfortable.

Before, during and after your treatment

Your therapist will take you through to the treatment room and discuss the questionnaire you previously filled out. This gives them the opportunity to discuss any issues you might have and they may adjust the treatment according to your needs.

Your therapist will leave the room so you can undress and lie down (you won’t have to do this if you are having a manicure or pedicure!). If you want to remove all clothing, make sure you are fully covered before the therapist returns to the room. Your therapist will ask if you are comfortable – make sure you are! They will always ask if the room temperature is ok – be honest if it’s too hot or cold, as this may make your treatment unpleasant.

When your treatment starts, this is your time to mentally switch off. Your therapist will not expect you to talk to them, so don’t think you are being rude, just relax and enjoy.

When your treatment comes to an end, your therapist will leave the room while you slowly rise from ultimate relaxation; don't rush this. Water will be provided and your therapist will take you through to the relaxation room/area. You can spend as much time as you like in there but one of the key things to remember is to stay hydrated; lots of toxins will have been released during your treatment, and these will need to be flushed out of your system.

You can continue using the spa area but if you have had a facial I would suggest avoiding water or the thermal rooms, as you don’t want all the products to be washed away.

End of the spa day

The saddest part of your day has arrived - home time! But it’s not so sad after all, as you can continue your spa day at home by visiting the spa boutique and picking up some goodies.

You are under no obligation to buy anything but it’s always best to buy from the professionals, as they will give you one to one advice.

My last suggestion would be to write a review about your visit. You can do it directly through the spa's website or contact us here at Pamper Pages.

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