Founder of Natural Enhancement, Tracey Simpson

It is no secret that we here at Pamper Pages are huge fans of Natural Enhancement. Not only for the amazing and, for some, life changing services they offer, but for the highly skilled team that make the magic happen.

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of not only meeting the Natural Enhancement founder, Tracey Simpson, but also having a treatment with her (read blog here).

When I meet Tracey I couldn’t help think “Prima Ballerina”- so graceful and feminine yet so powerful in what she does and delivers it beautifully.

With a career that spans over 25 years and such a well respected name in the industry, we had to do a Q&A with Tracey. We wanted to introduce her to our loyal readers and help you understand exactly what a Natural Enhancement really is…..

Where did it all start? It first started over 25 years ago when I owned a successful beauty clinic in the North of England. However, about 18 years ago I recognised that the industry was evolving and that clients were searching for results orientated beauty treatments that had a leaning toward medical aesthetics. To meet the demand, I decided to train in the art of micro-pigmentation. My second successful company was created along with another business partner, this company is still successful to this day but I felt that I had to go it alone as other ideas and philosophies were developing and I had to channel this energy into something new and exciting. As far back as I can remember I’ve held a passionate interest in the transformational power of makeup, a passion which has afforded me an illustrious career during which I worked for and launched some of Europe’s highest profile permanent cosmetics companies. I consider myself privileged to be recognised as a global innovator in my field and have been responsible for introducing new techniques, systems and products to the permanent cosmetics arena. I have made countless TV appearances and received press recommendations both in the UK and Europe.

What triggered you to start the Natural Enhancement clinic? I had the opportunity to work with some of Europe’s leading surgeons and entrepreneurs in both the Medical and Aesthetic industries so I wanted to harness the experience, the education and information I learned from these individuals and organizations and fuse them into the brand that is now Natural Enhancement to share this vital edification with other individuals who also wanted to have the very best treatment and schooling that was available.

What is a Natural Enhancement? As our brand name suggests is precisely that, a very natural application of medical grade pigment to the human face using a tiny needle that simply enhances, defines and harmonizes with the borders and structure of the features that already exist. It is in actual fact a form of very gentle tattooing. What we won’t create are harsh unnatural colors or effects that could potentially date making the face look older and unsympathetic to its natural contours and hues. We very simply put back into the skin what mother nature over time seeks to remove.

Why should clients pick Natural Enhancement? We are a company which takes our own name and reputation extremely seriously so we committed to exceptional customer care to deliver the prefect result, quite simply if you look bad we look bad.

Clients will have the option to come and have a full consultation prior to the treatment if they wish so that they can discuss the enhancement that they’re trying to achieve. At this point we create a ‘virtual enhancement’ drawn with an artist’s cosmetic pencil so that the client can see what the finished procedure could look like before they actually embark on the treatment itself. We have a team of experienced conscientious senior consultants who will create your prefect shape with you. Only once you are happy with the shape and style will we commence the treatment’. ‘We create a look that ensures your face looks beautiful naked. We use subtlety in our work, refinement in our strokes, delicacy in our colours and discernment in our choices. We are attention to detail and nuanced in our approach so that your result is innate, effortless and natural.

What would you say to potential clients who aren’t sure about getting permanent make up? When entering into any correspondence with a potential client we can detect very quickly if the person appears to be nervous and we would be surprised if they weren’t at least a little apprehensive as a newcomer to the service. We always suggest that they have a pre consultation the cost of which can be redeemed against the treatment itself. Here they can ask as many questions as they like together with the virtual enhancement which they can go home wearing so that they can view themselves in their usual light at home. We would rather they came and had the consultation first so that they were fully informed of everything so that once they have the treatment they’ve had a full and considered awareness provided to them of what is going to take place. A relaxed client is much easier to work with than a nervous one for all concerned.

What is your favorite skincare? Clarins and Dermalogica as I have used them for so many years with excellent results, why change?

Favorite nail colour? Natural of course!

Do you have any secret beauty tips? Sleep and water neither of which I get enough of unfortunately…

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