Geneo Facial at Bushey Beauty and Aesthetics

Just north of London sits the beautiful and leafy town of Bushey in Hertsmere, which is home to the latest business to join us - Bushey Beauty and Aesthetics.

Since opening their doors in September Bushey Beauty and Aesthetics have been providing some of the world’s most advanced face and body treatments. So when founder Diane invited me to experience their treatment of the month, the celebrity favourite Geneo facial, I was more than happy to accept.

Whilst enjoying a pre-treatment cup of tea together, Diane explained that she is all about results and her clients being comfortable in their own skin. She has a wealth of knowledge which has been gained through being in the industry for over 25 years; and her youthful look and flawless skin makes me even more confident that I am in very safe, talented hands.

I explained to Diane that, like many around this time of the year, my main concerns were dullness and slight dryness. Another concern was the fine lines across my forehead and frown line. Diane assured me that the Geneo facial will help with all of these things. That the treatment would illuminate my skin, giving it the glow I was craving while also tightening my skin to banish the fine lines.

The award winning Geneo facial is perfect for all skin types and, with no downtime, it is known as an ‘anti-ageing powerhouse’ that uses 4 in 1 treatments; skin exfoliation, skin oxygenation, product infusion and TriPollar skin tightening.

We headed upstairs to the immaculate clinic. The room itself striking the perfect balance between clinical and relaxing and the treatment began with makeup removal then cleansing. Diane uses Environ cleansing products, which I love! A cool gel was then applied which gives a slight tinging sensation to the skin. Up next was the Tripolar technology; this simulates the elastane in the skin and helps the skin to plump. As the machine softly glided over my face, the warmth and relaxation made it hard to believe that I wasn’t in a spa.

After this another gel was applied to help prepare my skin for exfoliation and to encourage oxygen into the skin. Again, this was incredibly relaxing and I could actually feel the glow coming back to my skin during the application.

The last part of the treatment was just incredible and the perfect finale to a truly fantastic treatment. A vitamin serum full of pure goodness was gently applied and a massage brush was used to help push the product into the skin, ensuring none of the goodness went to waste.

As I got ready to, reluctantly, leave, my skin was glowing, plump, contoured and completely hydrated. Bushey Beauty and Aesthetics is warm, inviting, and true to Diane’s words, you do leave feeling completely comfortable in your own skin. And not only for today! The TriPollar technology is the treatment that keeps giving; up to 12 weeks after in fact. So this feeling will see me all through November, December’s festivities and well into January. An early Christmas present definitely worth giving yourself!

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