Harley Street's Finest, Linia Skin Clinic

Opening their doors in September 2015, The Linia Skin Clinic is located on the world famous Harley Street and has quickly become one of London’s best places to go. Offering a wide range of revolutionary treatments that are not only done to the highest of standards, but also at very competitive prices.

The massive treatment menu ranges from Dermal Fillers, Botox, Vaginal Tightening, Dracula Therapy, Ultherapy and many more. With treatments to tackle all skin issues such as, acne, rosacea, anti-aging, hydration, pigmentation and scaring, the Linia Skin Clinic is your go to place to achieve flawless beautiful skin.

I was invited into the clinic to have a skin consultation and experience the Alumier Radiance Peel which was very much needed, as my skin needed a boost.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, I made my way to the clinic. In a bit of a fluster and melting make up, I walked through the extravagant doors and into a bright and airy reception. After filling out the consultant form, I was greeted by Gemma the aesthetic therapist. As we floated up the beautiful grand staircase, I couldn’t help but admire Gemma’s perfect skin whilst thinking she’s most definitely a walking advert for the clinic.

Gemma took me through to the huge treatment room which boasted an original fire place, crisp white walls and high ceilings. This was a pleasant surprise and very different to other clinics I had previously visited. Waiting inside the room was Dr Zokaie, the clinic director. With many letters after his name, over a decade of experience and a regular in many magazines, Dr Zokaie is one of the UK’s most sought after dermatologists. To say I was excited to have his expert opinion of my skin would be an understatement.

The consultation begin with discussing my skin concerns, one of which being hydration. My second concern was under eye darkness. Going onto my final concern, was ageing. It is recommended that prevention should begin in your late 20's but I'm in my early 30's and my clock is ticking!

Dr Zokaie went into great detail about my skin and causes behind my issues. I was overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge and advice I was being given. This really helped me look at my skin in a different light and gave me a better understand of were I was going wrong. I wanted to discuss my options for my frown line, as this was something I felt was very prominent on my face. A small amount of Botox was suggested as a prevention as it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I am most definitely returning to the clinic to have this done.

As you know, I was originally booked in for a Alumier Radiance Peel, however Dr Zokaie thought it would be best that I had the Hydra Jet Peel Infusion due to my skin’s current condition. This really showed me that the service provided was truly bespoke and focused on each individual needs. The Hydra Jet Infusion Peel is a “multi-functional treatment which aims to exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin”… This sounded exactly what I needed.

Gemma returned to the room as I laid on the treatment bed. With my hair tied back and a towel across my neck, Gemma started by removing my make up. A small powerful jet of saline water was used to flush out dirt and impurities, hydrate and remove fine lines. Surprisingly relaxing and completely painless, Gemma worked her way across my face and paid special attention to my nose, where, like most, was my congested area. The saline water was changed to a highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid that would give my skin that added moisture boast.

Immediately, my skin felt uncongested, softer and tighter. Gemma applied a Skinceuticals hydrating serum followed by the tinted Alumier moisture matte spectrum SPF (sand). As I sat up and glanced in the mirror, my skin looked perfect. No clogged pores, my fine lines were invisible, hydrated, dewy and the tint from the SPF was beautiful and now currently on my "to buy list".

As I left the beautiful clinic and stepped out to the busy Harley Street, I felt like I had an invisible shield protecting my face from the elements and pollution. Returning back to the Pamper Pages office, I heard a gasp from the team to which I replied “flawless!”. My new found confidence was no only due to the amazing treatment and products but from the expert that is Dr Zokaie. Never have I meet someone so knowledgeable and with a genuine passion to help his clients. The Linia Skin clinic is highly recommended for everyone who want results, luxury and comfort.

Linia Skin Clinic 64 Harley Street London W1G 7HB 0207 100 5252

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