The Best (Raynor) Massage Ever!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

In mid March our lovely friends at the Mayfair Aesthetics opened their newest clinic in Moorgate. Offering many treatments from laser hair removal, Mesotherapy, NIR Skin Tightening (read previous blog) and most recently the Raynor Massage.

Very different from the classic aromatherapy massage, the Raynor Massage uses techniques from shiatsu, Ayurvedic, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, reflexology and yoga breath work.

Focusing on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, pressure points and other body tissues. I had to try this massage first hand as my body was screaming out for it, as I have recently embarked on a weight loss journey of spin classes, squats, weighing scales, gym buddies and an absolutely aching body.

Located only a few seconds from the train station and inside the grand Salisbury House, I was greeted by Matthew who can only be described as a ray of sunshine and always such a delight to see. Taking London by storm, Matthew has been extremely busy with opening three clinics in the matter of a few months. The Angel clinic opened its doors towards the end of 2016, Pimlico in January and most recently Moorgate… I do wonder what gorgeous location is next?

Matthew introduced me to Nick who was performing my massage. I was in for a real treat as Nick is hot property within the massage world and has a long list of global clients. With a calming relaxed positive aura, I instantly felt comfortable with him. We discussed his many years of experience, what the treatment involved, any injuries I had and his latest work trip to Miami where he performed massages on the beach and with a glowing tan to prove it, I was slightly jealous!

The room temperature was perfect, along with a comfortable treatment bed and a cosy blanket. The treatment started with a few long deep breaths, and the gentle smell of refreshing eucalyptus to clear my sinuses. With warm oil Nick began to loosen my tense back and immediately I could feel the knots melting away. As I work at a desk all day and all the exercising I have been doing, my shoulders and neck were very tight but Nick knew the exact amount of pressure to apply without making it uncomfortable.

Moving from my back to my arms, I was in absolute bliss and could have fallen asleep on the spot. Very different from other massages and especially deep tissue, the Raynor massage has the perfect balance where you can feel it working but very relaxing at the same time.

My hands and wrists had a lot of lactic acid build-up due to the amount of typing I do and ashamed to say my excessive phone use. Nick paid special attention to release the pressure and explained that it is quite a common thing that most people don’t realise they have it.

Going from my arms to my back and along my shoulder blades, Nick applied more pressure as he asked me to take some deep breaths. As I exhaled I could hear the knots popping away, giving my back the instant relief it longed for.

Nick then moved to my feet to do some my absolute favourite, Reflexology ………. Reflexology was the very first treatment I had every had and imbedding a lifelong love for it. Not only is Reflexology extremely relaxing but it has huge benefits too. Each foot has an invisible map that has reflex points linking to other parts of the body. Pressure is applied to these points to help simulate the natural healing process and realise any build-up of toxins.

As I laid there thinking that my body hasn’t been this relaxed in a very long time, Nick worked his magic on my legs and hips. As he stretched and massaged I could feel the warmth of release flowing through my body. My hips felt perfectly aligned and my legs felt longer and slimmer.

The last part in this heavenly massage was the face. This is optional but of course me being me, I wanted it. Nick worked on difference pressure points on my face and hairline. Being an over thinker and extreme screen starrer, I suffer from headaches and tension across my forehead. Gently Nick worked on the points across my face and my once heavy head felt weightless and had it not been attached, it would have floated away.

Sadly the massage came to an end and as I stood I felt at least an inch taller, my posture was perfect, I had absolutely zero aches or pains and completely destressed from head to toe.. The thought crossed my mind to kidnap Nick so I could have daily massages but no such luck as he had another client straight after me.. Boo!

As I floated out of the clinic and head held high, I was in no shadow of a doubt that I had just had the best massage ever.

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