Intravenous Light Therapy

When Pamper Pages was launched in late 2015, EF Medispa were one of the first to join, and listed all three of their clinics; Kensington, Chelsea and St Johns Wood.

Fast forward almost 2 years and they have grown substantially by opening a further two franchice clinics, one in Bristol and the other Edgbaston which is opening this month.

EF Medispa was founded in 2006 and were one of the first medispa’s in the country. The founder Esther Fieldgrass created “a culture and ethos of client-centred quality, results and innovation”. The beautifully modern clinics pride themselves on having the some of the worlds latest machines, best brands, innovative treatments and highly experienced staff.

I was invited to their Kensington clinic to have one of their newest treatments, Intravenous Light Therapy. This treatment helps to “improve your overall health and well-being by accelerating the replenishment of your blood cells, using visible wavelengths of red, green and UVA light”. This treatment was very different to other treatments I’ve had, so, of course, I was very excited.

Prior to my treatment, I met with the lovely Sophie, EF Medispa’s PR Manager in The Ivy Brasserie on Kensington High Street. I highly recommend this lovely restaurant, not only for its scrumptious food but also its glamorous interior.

As we both tucked into the delicious and beautifully presented raw market salad and mouth-watering tuna carpaccio we discussed the exciting news of the Richmond clinic that will be opening this winter. I was keen to know which were Sophie’s favourite treatments and one is “Cellufix” – a painless revolutionary cellulite treatment that has fast and effective results by using 3 advanced technologies. Sophie said she noticed a difference after just one treatment, so, going on her recommendation this is certainly on my future treatment list.

The Kensington clinic was the first clinic in the EF Medispa award winning empire and grandly sits on Kensington Church Street. With an ultra-modern entrance, multiple treatment rooms and a large display of luxury brands, it’s easy to see why this is Kensington’s hotspot to achieve both skin and body perfection.

The clinic nurse Maya took me up to the spotless white treatment room. As I lay on the treatment bed Maria started up the machine, opened a fresh cannula and drip. Maya explained what I should expect during the treatment and that there is absolutely no down time post treatment. Maya said that this treatment is a great immune system pick-me-up, helps with hydration, circulation, skin issues, sleeping issues and so much more.

I am a regular blood donor, so no stranger to needles but if you are scared of needles then perhaps this treatment may be daunting - although, I must say it was only a tiny prick while the cannula is being fitted and then I pretty much forgot about it. The treatment itself lasts for 60 minutes and during this time the lights are visible through the vein.

An array of refreshments are available during the treatment and I went with my old favourite, English breakfast. I closed my eyes as a soft breeze gently filled the room and the streets hustle and bustle faded into the distance. I awoke to beeping from the machine that indicated that the treatment was over. Maya removed the cannula and after a long stretch, I was ready to leave.

I felt no immediate difference when leaving, however as the afternoon and evening went on that’s when I really felt it. My eyes looked brighter and whiter, my head felt clear, I had much more energy than I normally do in the evening and when it came to bed time, I was out like a light and surprising for me, I stayed sleeping the whole night! The following morning, I felt super refreshed and my skin looked dewy with a natural healthy glow.

A course of 6-8 treatments are recommended in order to really see and feel the full benefits. For me to feel such great results from just one treatment, then I will be absolutely returning. Intravenous Light Therapy and EF Medispa, I am your new number one fan!

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W8 4LL

0808 278 7299

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