It's the most 'flab'ulous time of the year...

It's day two into December and at the Pamper Pages offices all thoughts are on the party season! Or more accurately, parties, party dresses, mistletoe and preparation for all those things.

So we all went home yesterday excited to do some wardrobe recon. Dig out our LBDs and sparkly Choos, and so you would expect our morning coffee break to be filled with chitter chatter about all the treasures we had forgotten about, tucked at the back of a drawer like buried treasure. But this was not the case.

You see we've been working hard for the last few months at the Pamper Pages offices, and given there are only so many hours in the day something from our schedules had to give. And you can bet that thing was not cocktail hour! It was our fitness regime. So it seems that either all our wardrobes have been afflicted with a rare condition which results in all contents shrinking by a few inches. Or perhaps we have grown a few inches.....

Time for a Christmas detox and make over plan!!

But being the pragmatic girls that we are, we recognise the need for prioritisation! So before we dive into wheat-grass shots and colonic irrigations we decided to sort out the important stuff.

As Crimbo approaches and outfits get more glam and sparkly the unfortunate truth is that we are forced to cover our glad-rags on the way to the party or catch pneumonia. We are wrapped up with only our eyes, noses and mouths on show. So it makes sense that first and foremost we need to take care of our faces. After much deliberation some of the team have decided to head to Spa Illuminata for a Darphin Hydration facial to stave off dry skin from the winter winds. While the others prefer to treat themselves at home with Liz Earle daily essentials regime. It is effective, nonabrasive and very kind to the wallet. The regime is 3 steps, so super easy to follow and perfect for those who want to see results in the fastest and simplest way.

Next up nails, festive, classic, fun? All three? This year, with its the Starlight Collection, OPI has wowed us all with, what we think is one of its best Christmas collections yet! No two Pamperettes are the same and OPI has us all covered! To name but a few, Emma likes Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, Pam loves Cosmo with a Twist, Annie says I'm in the Moon for Love, while Mel is Infrared-y to Glow.

Next up, some not so visible areas. Now, there are only one or two subjects that don't divide the Pamperettes in the office and one of them is most definitely our choice of wax. It's Lycon all the way. Some of us are lazy and some of us are religious in our regime and the 'long' and 'short' of it (:)) is Lycon caters to us all in the most painless way possible.

Now, some say you're never fully dressed without a smile but we say, you're never fully dressed without a tan! In lieu of a trip to the Bahamas to start the holiday season we reach for the next best thing. Fake Bake! Or FaveBake as some of us in the office have taken to calling it. You just can't go wrong! None of us are far enough into detox to brave a self tan selfie at this point, but you can check out FakeBake on twitter for countless examples of the how awesome their products are! Our favorite to date is the Beyond Bronze Spritzer but there are plenty to choose from, something for everyone in all shades.

So with all that done we are finally ready to party!!! Oooh! Just need to run to Oxford street for some Spanx "lust have slimming teddy” – sexy but holds in the lumps & bumps perfectly… Umm actually do they do head to toe suits?


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