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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

During the minute long walk from Knightsbridge tube station to my destination, I couldn’t but help feel a sense of pride at how beautiful London is. I breathed in the crisp autumn air that blew through my hair and marvelled at how the sun rays romantically lit up the iconic buildings. Up ahead I could see Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty sitting proudly and perfectly situated on the corner. With large arched windows, it neighbours a cobbled walk way that leads you to Hyde Park. Before I entered I took a second to admire my favourite Rhino sculpture (Rhino Sospeso by Stefano Bombardieri) on the opposite side of the road and just then, the famous number 9 bus drove past.

This is London, I thought! And I love it!

Walking through the door out of the crisp Autumn weather, warmth filled the air. I was just admiring my surroundings when I was greeted by the smiley front of house receptionist, Carmen.

On the wall sits a well-stocked glass cabinet with home care products from the likes of

Obagi, Medik8 and Guinot, and behind this wall are comfortable pedicure stations. The

waiting area has a beautiful grey and white staircase that leads you to the treatment rooms and through a walkway are the nail stations, fully stocked with nail polishes in every colour imaginable. Panelled mirrored doors lead to the treatment room that is used by an aesthetic doctor twice a week, and home to the Endermologie machine.

I met Gina the proud owner; glamorous, full of energy and extremely welcoming. Gina and I sat for a while discussing the evolution of Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty since it opened its doors thirty years ago. In the 90’s it was very much a traditional beauty salon but as science progressed, so did Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty. Now it is very much a results driven skin clinic that also offers beauty treatments. A one stop shop if you will.

As we made our way up the stairs I commented on how much I loved the decor. Gina

explained that she wanted to create a space that is classic and gender neutral, which she has nailed. To the left of the stairs is a spacious area with mirrors, restroom, laser hair removal room and a flower wall, should you wish to grab a selfie after a treatment.

Gina let me have a sneak peek inside the store room, or should I say Aladdin’s cave for

skincare lovers. You name a machine and Gina has it and, much like a human encyclopaedia, Gina will be able to tell you everything about every machine and exactly how it will help you in great detail. Gina has spared no expense to ensure that she can provide a variety of treatments to suit each and every one of her clients.

To the right of the stairs are three cosy, warm and inviting treatment rooms.

Gina took me into the one treatment room to review the consulting form I had completed, discuss my concerns and what areas I would like to focus on. Now, long gone are the days when I could eat what I want without fear of my jeans getting snug. I remember my elders saying to me in my early 20’s “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips” and what do you know, their words turned out to be true.

So with that said, my areas of concern sit in my tummy, thighs, chin and arms. Gina didn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed, she assured me that the treatments she has to offer will make me confident and in love with my body again.

All packages are bespoke and tailored to each individual’s needs because, as Gina rightly

says, no two bodies are the same. With Gina’s expert knowledge and guidance I knew I was in the safest of hands so I was excited about the journey of body confidence and self-love I was about to be taken on.

HiFu treatment was up first - to target my chin, neck and jawline. Most commonly known as “a lift without the knife”, HiFu lifts, tightens and tones working deep within the skin. It

rejuvenates the collagen levels, tightens loose skin and greatly reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing. The treatment is painless and that made it hard to believe that it could achieve such incredible results in just one treatment. There was an occasional high pitch frequency but I decided that was my fat cells quietly screaming goodbye. Although the results aren’t immediate I definitely feel more toned. The full results will be visible within 3 months, so I’ll be sure to check in to update you all with the full results.

Gina agreed with me that the Lipofirm treatment was best to target my thighs. Lipofirm

contours, tightens skin and reduces cellulite. Lipofirm works using:

“Tri-Lipo radio frequency and DMA (dynamic muscle activation), which work synergistically in reducing fat and giving a lift/skin tightening effect. The Tri-lipo radio frequency allows heating of the dermis and underlying tissues including fat in an even and safe way”.

The first couple of minutes of the treatment feel similar to a deep tissue massage with a

pumping sensation on the muscle, but that soon passes it actually becomes quite pleasant. The results are fast and my jeans felt looser almost straight away.

When leaving to make my way back to the station, I couldn’t help but think that there is

something truly wonderful about Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty. I was on a high when I got here earlier, in love with this amazing city I live in. And I left feeling transformed, flying even higher than when I had arrived. I took a deep breath of the crisp Autumn London air and thought, a visit to Knightsbridge Advanced Beauty isn’t just a stop off for a treatment. It’s an act of self love! And I love it!

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