Miracle Work At Privet Body, Notting Hill

As of Summer 2020, Privet Body has sadly closed their doors permanently due to the Covid pandemic.

Privet Body proudly sits neighbouring the world famous Portobello Road, in the affluent suburb of Notting Hill. Known for its quirky shops and stalls, delicious food, many bars and unique experiences, this is the ideal spot to continue your adventure even after you leave the salon.

When we launched Pamper Pages in 2015, Privet Body was one of the first businesses to join us. Since then many more have followed, however Privet Body is up there with our favourites. It’s easy to see why with the beautiful exterior, distinctive theme, extensive treatment menu and super friendly experienced team.

Privet Body is very unique from other salons and as soon as you walk through the doors you are transported into a perfectly kept world. The balance between masculinity and femininity is completely on point. Offering everything from laser treatments to manicures and unlike other salons Privet Body offers intimate waxing for their male clients.

With great delight I was heading to the salon for a facial with the salon manager Aoife, who describes the salon as “a unique non-gender specific salon that offers the same treatments to men, as it does to women”.

My appointment came at the best possible time as my skin was screaming ‘FIX ME’. After getting over the flu and with the constant change in weather, it was safe to say that my skin was far from happy. Dehydrated, breakouts, dry patches, dull and completely lifeless… well ok, perhaps I am being slightly dramatic but it wasn’t its usual self and needed TLC.

I was in for a real treat as I was having an exclusive EmerginC facial. The salon is the only London location that offers EmerginC treatments and after hearing raving reviews about this results driven brand, I was extremely excited. Launched back in 1996 EmerginC is a New York skincare brand that is 100% natural with organic active ingredients, that tackle the signs of aging, improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

I was greeted by the lovely Aoife who took me through to the Potting Shed for my facial. After getting semi undressed and slipping into the toasty comfortable treatment bed, Aoife returned to the room. We discussed my skin issues, some useful homecare tips and what the treatment involved. Aoife explained that the facial is bespoke as she would be combining her own technics with the EmerginC ones.

The facial starting with removing my makeup with the deliciously smelling Kombucha cleanser. Aoife analysed my skin and my main issues appeared to be congestion and hydration.

Followed by the analysts, a gentle peel was applied. I could feel the active ingredients pleasantly tingling their way over my skin and Aoife massaged them to help them penetrate my skin a little deeper.

Two masks were then applied, one to my congestion zones and the other to clarify the surrounding areas. As the masks set Aoife gave me the most tranquil head massage. Floating off, I had to remind myself not to fall asleep but with my mind, body and soul so relaxed, it was extremely difficult.

Normally following a mask serums are applied but lucky for me I was having 20 minutes under the LED mask. The mask is a natural and safe light therapy treatment that targets the signs of aging, stimulates collagen, acne or breakouts, redness and pigmentation. The mask sits on top of the face with numerous colours lighting it up. As I laid there enjoying the gentle warmth and rainbow of relaxing colours, Aoife gave me a hand and arm massage. The lengths Privet Body go to make their clients feel special are second to none.

Aoife applied the pytocell serum by giving me a facial lifting massage. Wow! Not only was this a facial workout it was so unbelievably relaxing that I could have fallen asleep on the spot. Eye and face creams were then applied and sadly my heavenly treatment was over.

With legs like jelly, I pretty much rolled off the bed, got dressed slowly and made my way to the reception. A fresh glass of ice cold water awaited and a mirror to admire my skin. It was hard to think that over an hour ago my skin looked so distressed but now it was flawless, silky, glowing and perfectly rosy.

The salon has many homecare items to purchase and I noticed the “Cleanse off Mitt” by Skin Nerd. I had previously heard lots of positive reviews, however I was slightly sceptical as it says “no cleanser needed, just add water to remove make up and mascara” Really? Could it be this good? The test would be on the following night as I had a big night on the town and we all know what a nightmare it is removing make up after a few cocktails. So 2am, I stumbled to the bathroom and it was judgment time. Following the instructions I only added water to gently remove the many layers of make up my face… One sweep and it was all gone! I honestly couldn’t believe it, not one trace of make up what so ever! This is my new must have item and I will be returning to the salon to purchase more, just incase!

Not only do Privet Body perform 5 star treatments (and skin miracles!), they even look after their clients by selling the best homecare products to take the luxury home!


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