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They say the older you get, the faster time goes. Well, I think we can all agree that 2018 went by a little too fast for our liking. It felt like a few blinks and poof it’s Christmas already.

As the year grinds to a halt we are looking back some of our highlights in 2018…

The year kicked off with 3 million visits to our site. The teetotal new years resolutions went out the window and the champagne was flowing in the office. A lot of our website traffic comes directly from our social media pages. If you’re one of the many that follows us, thank you so much! If you’re not, then what are you doing? You’re missing out on offers, giggles, vlogs and so much more!

Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days in the industry and the Pamper Pages office is no different. I would like to say that our office was filled with roses and chocolates but I would be lying. Instead, the office was mayhem getting all the romantic offer's and blog out to you. A little secret, we did have a little treat and purchased a scummy individual heart-shaped cake from Pauls Bakery; I mean It would be rude not to celebrate the day of love in one way or another. Out of the many offers, our favourite was “Love is in the air” from Ockenden Manor in West Sussex. A romantic 6-course lunch, a spa treatment and full use of the spa facilities. We’re sure they will be doing an equally lavish offer next year. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled and book early.

During spring we were “clicked” into place by Imperial Health in Richmond as they joined our site. Sitting comfortably in our alternative therapies category, the clinic offers chiropractic treatments, nutrition, physiotherapy and others to help you be the best you.

Unless you’re a gym fanatic, blessed with good genes or super organised with body treatments, having the “perfect” summer body doesn’t become the forefront of our minds until summer actually hits.

We are all for having a nip here and a tuck there but we are also all about self-love and confidence regardless of your shape. During summer our social media pages were a reflection of this and with the massive positivity we received, we have and will be continuing to promote this.

Much to our delight, Pulse Laser Clinic in the heart of Mayfair joined us in August. The clinic prides themselves on excellent customer service and providing laser treatments with the best, most effective machine on the market “Soprano Ice Platinum”. We did an in-depth and highly informative Q&A with Maria the clinic director (read here).

The Diamond Roses have become a regular on our social media pages. The Diamond Roses are 100% natural, real flowers that have undergone a preservation process and are soaked in special oils. The special liquid replaces the flower’s water content and preserves it. It is plant-based and biodegradable, no toxic ingredients are used. All roses remain fresh and beautiful for months or even years with no watering but a little care.

In autumn we celebrated our third birthday by giving away a £300 voucher to our lucky winner Carmen. In February Carmen will be giving us a full review of her treatment, after the birth of her son. Good Luck Carmen!

One of the most active businesses on our site is Linia Skin Clinic. They offer a massive range of treatments and every month have unbeatable offers that suit all budgets. Stuck for last minute Christmas gifts or want to know all offers; click here.

Last year we visited Mayfair Aesthetics and loved it. Everything about Mayfair Aesthetics screams fabulousness! The team, the treatments, the three central London locations and now the fact that they are award winners! “Aesthetics Specialist of the Year in the 2018 London Hair & Beauty Awards”. We are extremely proud of how far they have come in just three years!

At the end of October marked the start of a tattoo removal process in EF Medispa in Richmond. We are doing a treatment diary with photos which will be going live after the second treatment in January.

We just received a fresh copy of the “Remarkably Easy; How to get out of your own way and unleash your brilliance” book by Danielle Macleod. Amazingly the book has been endorsed by Shelly Paxton, the former VP of Harley Davidson. We were bursting to know what drove Danielle to write the book -

I would consistently see that women make change big and hard and they get in their own way big style – by allowing the voice in their head to tell them they’re not good enough or they never finish what they start, or that they need to help everyone else before they help themselves. The book is designed to turn all that on its head in super simple ways. To show women how to take tiny steps that together build into big momentum and allow them to create a life they are truly in love with”.

At a time of self reflection and preparing for the new year, this book couldn’t have come at a better time. If you’re a lady would want to make a change or know a lady who would benefit from it, purchase it today from Amazon for only £6.99 on paperback or £4.99 on Kindle.

As we get ready for the Christmas and new year shut down, we want to say a massive thank you to all who have supported us throughout 2018. Without everyone sharing our website, reading our blogs and liking our social media pages, we wouldn’t have been able to make 2018 such a success.

Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. We will see you on the other side for an even bigger and better year!

Love the PP team xx

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