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You may have noticed in the past few years that eyebrows are becoming more popular by the day. While some people are blessed with perfect brows, there are those who aren’t as fortunate. I fall under the latter category.

Sure, there are many fixers such as waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting, pencils, serums, accelerators. In fact, the list just goes on for miles but all of these are temporary and if done incorrectly, they can make your brows look worse.

So what do you do when the “fixers” just don’t cut it? You get permanent make up! And I did just that.

I have longed wished for lovely eyebrows but, as I mentioned, it’s something that I have never had. My eyebrows are very fair in colour and they are patchy from years of over plucking. To top that off, I have a scar going through one of them, making me look like a teenage boy who has deliberately fashioned a line through their brow.

I’ve had them tinted, making me look like I had two slugs on my face. I’ve been to the best, and worst, brow bars but I’ve never got the results I wished for. And so I headed to my new favorite place, Natural Enhancement in Chiswick to see if they could cure me of my brow woes. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

I knew I was in for a real treat as I had two technicians, Kim and Tracey, both working their magic on my brows. This was my second treatment with the extremely talented Kim, so I knew my eyebrows would be perfect. Tracey is the owner of Natural Enhancement and a goddess within the word of permanent make up.

The treatment process was explained to me and then we discussed the vision I had for my eyebrows. Slightly darker than my natural colour but not too dark. My scar would be covered and my brows would have a fuller appearance, but not bushy!

This was no “slap dye on and hope for the best” kind of treatment. After a quick facial cleanse was done, analysis began. My facial bone structure, natural hair colour and thickness, skin tone and eye shape were all analysed.

Post analysis we discussed my colour options and I decided to go with ash blonde… I am a natural blonde after all!

A tiny layer of numbing cream was applied and I laid back, relaxed and took a deep breath.

You may remember from my previous blog that I have very low pain threshold, but again the treatment was completely painless. And after just over an hour it was all over. I sat up and looked in the mirror to find the most beautiful brows.

Finally, I had two gorgeous matching brows! And the treatment had been done to such a high standard that it was difficult to see what was a real hair strand and what was make up. The shape was so precise right down to the micrometer. The colour was so natural and flawless. It was love at first sight for me and my new brows.

I wish I had undergone this treatment years ago, instead of wasting my time with quick fixers. Now I have two beautiful brows and a new best friend – my mirror. We are inseparable because I can’t get enough of looking at my brows.

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