Permanent Make Up For The Lips...

Lips ‘one of two soft, red edges of the mouth’. In an ideal world, those red edges wouldn’t fade, scar or thin.

Now, this isn’t an ideal world, but we have a solution. A perfect solution which comes in the form of permanent make up. And you do not get more perfect than Natural Enhancement.

Last year I was asked to be a model for a friend who was training, and not one to turn down any treatments or say no to a friend, I happily accepted. Like anyone who is learning, you aren’t going to do a perfect job. Especially the first time you do it. I didn’t take into account my pain threshold, which, out of 10 it would be an easy 1 - and that is being generous. I left the treatment looking like a sucker fish and couldn’t open my mouth for about a week. Much to the joy of my family. After lots of practice & training, my friend passed her exam with flying colours. And as for me, that was the last time I would volunteer to be anyone’s first guinea pig.

Fast forward to a year later, and our lovely friends at Natural Enhancement invited me to have my lips done again by one of their senior technicians. I was determined to be brave and not let my past experience affect me. So I agreed.

For those who don’t know who Natural Enhancement are, they an award winning permanent make-up specialists with state of the art clinics across Europe. They are the Hermès of the permanent make up world. They treat lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, post medical, make up corrections and male treatments.

A common misconception is that permanent make up is only for ladies. Well Natural Enhancement have banished that myth and offer a wide range of treatments for gentlemen.

A few days prior to my treatment I received a pigment patch test and some information about the treatment, along with consent forms. Fortunately there was no reaction and I was good to go… Bring it on!

The day of my treatment came and I could feel the fear building inside me. I chose to drive to the Chiswick clinic as there is lots of local parking, but there are also excellent transport links should you wish to travel that way.

The clinic in located on a beautiful street and is very discrete. I walked into a beautifully chic waiting area and was greeted by the friendly team.

A cup of tea quickly settled my nerves and my lovely technician Kim took me downstairs to the treatment room. I explained to Kim that I was nervous from my previous treatment and she assured me that it is a completely different experience from being a model. We discussed my colour preferences and those best suited for my skin tone. From the large array of colours available, I decided to go with “Nude soft pink”.

Kim applied numbing cream to my lips and began her analysis. I have a good lip shape and size, but I have a scar that goes through my top lip – I was an energetic clumsy 4 year old! Kim made sure that I was happy with my natural shape. After all I was in "Natural Enhancement".

Kim started the little machine, which makes a soft buzzing sound and I felt my heart begin to pound. Kim made sure it was ok to start and I took a deep breath….

Umm, why was I so scared? There was absolutely no pain whatsoever!

I laid there thinking about what I was going to make for dinner, this blog, summer dresses... Then I heard Kim’s gentle voice “right that’s us all finished”.

I honestly couldn’t believe how fast and pain free it was. My best advice would be not to hold your breath. Just breathe through your nose as you normally would, and if you feel any pain then ask for some more numbing cream. I’m so surprised I didn’t have to! I looked in the mirror and my lips looked beautiful. Slightly swollen, but beautiful none the less.

Kim discussed the aftercare, such as no spicy food for a few days, no direct sunlight, drink through a straw (which I do anyway), applying the provided balm as my lips will be healing, and a few more dos and don'ts. I will be returning in a few weeks to have the refill done. The refill is done with all Natural Enhancement treatments to ensure that the final result is perfect.

I built myself up so much expecting a painful experience but it was anything but. It was just relaxing, painless, and most importantly, my lips look absolutely gorgeous!

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Before and immediately after the treatment (pre-refill) -


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