Privet... Notting Hill's delightfully quirky salon!

As of Summer 2020, Privet Body has sadly closed their doors permanently due to the Covid pandemic.

My definition of January is: the first month of the year when your bank is minus, your toes are frozen ice-cubes and your skin is dull and dry. January isn’t the best month for most! So as a pick me up, I headed down to Privet just next to the worldfamous Portobello Road.

I sat in traffic with one eye on the clock and questioned why I drove when the transport links to Privet are excellent. As I marched through the doors of Privet I felt like I had walked through an invisible wall. A wall that eliminated all my stress and welcomed me into a secret garden of tranquillity.

Greeted by the lovely Sofia, I was taken to a cute little table and chairs to fill out forms and wait for a lovely cup of tea (and you all know I love tea). Privet is a delightfully quirky salon, that has been finished to a very high standard, mirroring it's surroundings perfectly.

They have created the perfect atmosphere and décor for both male and female clients. I was very impressed with the list of treatments that they do and very pleased to see that the male treatments match the females – another unique aspect to Privet!

My facial was with Privet’s manager Sophia, who herself has healthy, beautiful skin, welcoming smile and calm aura. She walked me through to the back of the salon where the treatment sheds, yes sheds! Like I said Privet is quirky and I love it! I was taken into the Potting Shed and the treatment I was about to have was The Miracle3 Oxygen RX facial by Circadia. “Designed for all skin types particularly dull, ageing, redness, acne and rosacea skins. This intensive treatment, tightens, hydrates and plumps the skin leaving you with a noticeably more radiant younger looking complexion.” Just what I need!

Before starting the treatment Sophia did an extensive analysis of my skin and gave me some very useful homecare tips.

After the cleansing, Sophia applied some products and steam to my face. The steam activated the ingredients in the products, and I received a relaxing scalp massage as they worked their way through my skin.

The next step in the treatment was very different to anything I have had before. I could hear Sophia with a little mixing pot and she explained to me that she was preparing some enzyme products that had to be applied to the skin straight away, and said I will feel some heat and tingling.

While I did feel heat it wasn’t uncomfortable and it only lasted a few seconds. A spray was used to activate the enzymes, followed by a PH equaliser spray and then a citric spray.

Sophia removed the products and started a face massage. Now I have had lots of facial massages but this was the best I have ever had! Sophia really worked on the contouring of my face and I could feel the puffiness unblock… I have cheekbones again! Yay! The last part in the fabulous treatment was a mask, and as that set, Sophia gave me a shoulder massage. I felt spoilt, relaxed and when I looked in the mirror, my skin looked perfect.

Sadly it was time to leave this urban paradise and face the world again. I walked out the doors and it felt like spring. The sun was shining and my skin was glowing… Bliss!

As of Summer 2020, Privet Body has sadly closed their doors permanently due to the Covid pandemic.


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