Thalgo Peeling Marin Treatment

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I know a thing or two about facials and I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but I have found the facial holy grail!

Thalgo have set the bar incredibly high by launching the Peeling Marin treatment and all I can start with is wow! My mind and upper body be completely relaxed but the results were absolutely mind-blowing; banishing fine lines, minimising pores and giving the most beautiful complexion I have ever had from a non-machine-based facial.

Having been a long-term fan of Thalgo, I was extremely honoured to be one of the first in the UK to experience the Peeling Marin treatment in Beyond Medispa. Thalgo is a marine based brand that is in thousands of venues globally. Thalgo is most commonly known for their spa treatments along with the beautiful skincare range. In more recent times, Thalgo has taken it that extra step further by offering slimming aids, machine-based treatments and now the first marine cosmeceutical line.

My treatment was with the lovely and incredibly knowledgeable Rachael; Thalgo’s head trainer. Going through to the beautiful Thalgo treatment, Rachael explained what the treatment involved and that there are three different treatment grades. Everyone, regardless of age and skin condition starts with grade one that smooths, plumps and gives radiance. Grade two is aimed for clients in their 30’s who want to target wrinkles, minimise pores and even skin tone. Grade three is for clients with mature skin who are looking to reduce the visibility of deeper wrinkles, wanting an even complexion and regain firmness.

The treatment started with the “discovery of the sea”, now I don’t know how it’s done but Rachael could mimic the sound of the waves with her hands. Gently pushing on my tense shoulders and like an instant switch, I was relaxed. To prep the skin a pre-peel cleanser was used which is a gentle exfoliator that refines the skin texture. I am in my mid 30’s (shh!) and was pleasantly surprised when Rachael complimented me on my skin condition and said that I wouldn’t have to move onto the grade two when I return in a few months for my second treatment. Nothing like a compliment from a professional to make your day!

Rachael then applied the professional peel marin product, which is made up with algee acids, glycolic and gluconic acids that give a deep exfoliation and stimulates cell renewal. Rachael advised me that I might feel a little heat but there wasn’t any, just a pleasant warmth across my face. While that product worked its magic Rachael gave me a relaxing scalp massage. Rachael removed the product using a cool compress and with every wipe I could feel my skin be reborn.

A soothing repairing balm mask was softly spread over my skin and Rachael started with lower arm and hand massage. I felt like I was in a spa and in sheer bliss. I couldn’t believe that in just 30 minutes I was completely revitalised. SPF was applied and Rachael gave me some homecare tips along with a goodie bag with samples.

I sat up and looked in the mirror and I just couldn’t believe how perfect my skin looked. I didn’t want to touch my face, but it looked so soft almost like silk and like it did in my early 20’s. When I left the treatment room, I glanced in the mirror again.

I didn’t have to wear make up in the days after the treatment, but I had a wedding party to attend. Normally for events, I cake on my make-up but there was nothing to hide and the little bit of make-up I did have on sat perfectly the whole night.

Two weeks on and I can still notice that my forehead is smooth, no frown line, no season dry spots and still no need for heavy make-up. I didn’t it was possible to fall in love with a treatment, until now!

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