The perfect (Hydra)Facial...

My day started in a bit of a fluster. I made my coat judgment by looking out the window “okay, its raining & grey, must wrap up!” silly move, as it is a surprisingly mild December in London.

I made a mad dash from Twickenham to Regents Park which only took 45minutes and so I was 40 minutes early to my appointment. Great! So I loosened my scarf and walked the 3 minutes from the station as slowly as I possibly could.

As I turned onto Devonshire Street there was the Waterhouse Young Clinic inside a beautiful building! The clinic is on the second floor and as I reached the top I was greeted by Duncan, lovely smile and flawless skin. He led me through to the elegant lounge with glass tables and two gorgeous and very comfortable sofas. As I waited for my treatment I enjoyed a perfectly made cup of tea and flicked through an array of luxury magazines, mentally adding things to my Christmas list – a girl can dream, can’t she!

11 o’clock came and it was time to have my HydraFacial treatment. I was so excited. I have been very curious about HydraFacial and always wanted to try out the brand, so you can imagine my excitement when they joined the Pamper Pages site back in October.

My Aesthetic Practitioner Rosie took me through to the treatment room. Now most of my facials have been in spas, so coming to a clinic was different but wonderful experience. Crisp white walls, hi-tech equipment and an electric bed, similar to a dentist one but so much more comfortable. No drilling here, just skin perfecting.… Bring it on!

Rosie has been with the clinic for just under 3 years but has been in the industry for over 13 years, which is hard to believe as she has youthful looks and her skin is perfection. “HydraFacial is one of my favourite brands to work with as you see results fast” Yippee! Just what I like to hear!

Rosie started by removing my make up and cleansing my face using her hands. Then onto the fancy HydraFacial machine next to me. Starting with the Vortex-Exfoliation which “removes dead skin cells to uncover healthy skin”. It was completely painless and surprisingly relaxing. Rosie decided that she would do a peel. Living in London plays havoc on your skin, with all the pollution, so the peel would help rejuvenate and replenish my skin.

The peel was only on for 2 minutes and I felt the active ingredients tingling their way through my skin. The next step in this magnificent treatment was the extraction, which felt like a tiny vacuum removing the unwanted badness from my skin. Two LED lights were used, blue to kill bacteria and red to stimulate collagen.

Now for the serum: peptides, antioxidants, chestnut oil & hyaluronic acid, all to improve texture, hydrate and moisturize my skin. All finished off with a hydrating gel, cooling eye gel & SPF.

I sat up & looked in the mirror. My skin was slightly pink (which I was told would fade within half an hour) but I didn’t care because my skin was beautiful, perfect and flawless just like the Waterhouse Young staff. Clearly they all use HydraFacial. I looked in the mirror again, then again "I can't believe the results from just one treatment!"

I stepped out of the clinic feeling like I had a shield on my face protecting me from the London smog and so much confidence, I could feel my head growing by the second :-) .

As I skipped on the train, I felt skin envy eyes on me, I was half tempted to point at my face and say one one word “HydraFacial!”

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Waterhouse Young Clinic Tel: 0207 486 3849 Web: 21 Devonshire Street London, W1G 6PB


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