Ultrasound and Radiofrequency at EF Medispa

I recently visited the EF Medispa clinic in Chelsea for a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Originally the treatment wasn’t for blog purposes, but I was so impressed by the results, I just had to share it with you.

EF Medispa offer skin treatments to tackle all skin conditions and they also offer some of the world’s most innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments.

After reading such great reviews on the Ultrasound and Radiofrequency treatment, I decided to go ahead and try it. The treatment aims to remove stubborn fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote collagen to help with sagging skin - “The cutting-edge treatment applies deep thermal heat and ultrasound energy to break down fat cells. The treatment can also help to stimulate the metabolism and encourage lymphatic drainage to further the elimination of fat and help define the natural contours of the body”.

I’ve tried to do the gym thing but found the only thing I really enjoyed doing was the spin class. Annoyingly my work schedule clashed with the class times and I couldn’t commit. I’m fairly confident but I do have insecurities about my stomach. I wasn’t blessed with flat stomach but I was blessed with really good cooking skills but no willpower, so that partnered with a sit down job has made my tummy a little wobblier than I like. Boo!

When getting a body treatment, it’s a strange thing, as you’re exposing a part of your body that you’re self-conscious of, to someone you have never meet. All the staff at EF Medispa are extremely professional and my lovely therapist Tatiana was no exception. Never once did she make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable and she was very clear about what the treatment involved. After the in-depth consultation, I stripped down to my underwear for abdomen measurements; these are taken so they can monitor the reduction.

I laid down on the bed and Vaseline type liquid was applied. Tatiana started up the machine and began the Ultrasound part of the treatment. The handheld tool started slowly, gliding across the natural contours of one half of my stomach (the other half was done later). As the temperature heated, Tatiana’s glide got faster and it was like a warm pleasant massage. After finishing the second half, the Vaseline was removed and replaced with oil for the Radiofrequency. Using a smaller tool Tatiana worked her way across my stomach with hot and cold intervals.

As I stood up I felt good, somewhat less bloated. There was no downtime to this treatment, I just had to drink plenty of water and avoid the sauna or steam room for about 24 hours. The following morning was when I could really feel a difference. I wasn’t about to sign up for a bikini competition but my side profile was slightly flatter and my confidence was growing.

The following week I returned to the clinic for my second session and was told that this is when the results start to become noticeable; That wasn’t a lie, as I felt fantastic! I needed a belt as my jeans were looser and I even received 3 compliments; not that I was counting of course! I can’t recommend this treatment enough and would give it a ten out of ten. It’s perfect for a head start on a weight loss journey or if you just want fast results! A course of six is recommended for the best results.

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