Beyond Medispa in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London has fast become one of my favourite venues since my first visit back in September. Their London venue was the first of four locations in the UK, followed by Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh. They offer the worlds most advanced face and body treatments, that are all performed by some of the best, most qualified doctors and aestheticians the UK has to offer.

If you read my blog from my visit in September (read here), you will remember my absolute love for Harvey Nichols. This love is always intensified during the festive season as Knightsbridge turns into a magical winter wonderland full of delights.

Making my way to the 4th floor and walking through to Beyond Medispa, I somewhat forgot how huge but so welcoming it is. After filling out the questionnaire, Minu; my lovely therapist for the day, took me through to the relaxing and dimly-lit Thalgo treatment room for the iBeauty facial treatment. 

The iBeauty is “the first professional device combining 3 innovative non-invasive, non-aggressive and totally secure technologies with proven effectiveness: sound vibrations, sequential ultrasound and tripolar radiofrequency”. The iBeauty treatment to targets a number of skin issues; 

Anti-Ageing Activator for wrinkles & loss of firmness

Wrinkle Corrector for anti-wrinkles

Purity Reviver for combination to oily skin and the iBeauty treatment I was having was the Hydration Corrector for dehydrated skin. If you have more than one skin concern, then treatments can be combined. The iBeauty is a mainly a machine-based treatment that lasts about 50 minutes. 

The treatment started with a gentle make up removal and then a cleanse; which in true Thalgo style smelt absolutely beautiful. Minu educated me in great detail on the correct maintenance along with the best Thalgo products for my dehydrated but slightly dry skin type. 

The fancy iBeauty machine was ready and started with the sound vibrations tool; that looked like a tiny spatula. Like most, the pores on my nose get congested and I did have a few clogged pores dotted around my face. Minu used a gentle peeling solution to tackle the pores and remove dead skin. The sound vibration tool then helped the product to penetrate for a deeper exfoliation and easy none aggressive removal. As I laid there my skin began to feel much lighter and less clogged. I had some pores that were impossible to remove but Minu shocked me by saying they were gone; I couldn’t believe it!

The sequential ultrasound was next and a gorgeous smelling hydrating gel mask was applied. Not only did the ultrasound help the product to go deeper but it also used infer-lights to drain, infuse and it help stimulate the product for a better result. I laid there and it felt like a gentle massage; working across the contours of my face and neck. It was sheer bliss and just felt like a dream. Minu then applied serums and creams to seal in the hydration. 

Sadly however, the treatment was coming to an end but the Thalgo magic was done. As I sat up and looked in the mirror my skin looked beautiful; glossy, healthy and very well hydrated. Minu gave me some useful homecare tips and just before I left the treatment room, I just had to admire my skin one more time and the only word needed was Thalgo. 

Beyond Medispa
109-125 Knightsbridge
0207 201 8595

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  8. Sounds great. How often do I need this done?

  9. I had this treatment done before summer and recommend it

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